Thinking of Alice

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Title : Thinking of Alice

Bringing to life the Queen and Alice from Lewis Carroll writer of Alice in Wonderland

A sculpture in Stoneware

Media: Stoneware,Fresh Water Pearls,Bronze Metallic Glazes

Stoneware sculpture  taken from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis carroll .One of the greatest reads of all time

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In  Celebration of Lewis Carroll who’s loved stories have lasted the ages of time .

2016 was the 150th Anniversary of his literature .

By making these sculptures it was my way of keeping his fictional/fantasy characters alive and also as a thank you  to a very talented writer for enriching our lives .

Original and one off work of an Alice in Wonderland inspired Thinking of Alice. I have applied differing underglazes+metallic washes and then glaze to parts I want a shine .This, like all my work, is a hand made piece so is not cast or reproduced and no moulds have been taken

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Dimensions 44 × 25 × 22 cm