If You Look Sideways


Just enjoying relaxing and seeing the world go by inviting you to see things from different angles

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Size :25 x 15 x 13 cms

Media : Stoneware Sculpture /Screws /Embellishments/ metallic washes


This, like all my work, is a hand made piece so is not cast or reproduced and no moulds have been taken

I call these particular ceramic sculptures my “Screwed Collection “.The idea came from a thought about the struggles we encounter in life .

“If you look sideways”  is asking is there another way to look at a problem, if you  open your mind there is always another point of view.

When you buy from an independent artist you’re buying more than just sculpture .

You are buying hundreds of hours of experimentation.

You are not buying a thing , you’re buying a piece of heart; part of the private moment in the artist’s life.

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