Abstract Faux Sculptural Teapot “Fe Fi Faux”


Stunning faux teapot sculpture with  a double handle exciting glazes .

Hand built using stoneware.  No moulds or duplicates of any sculptures, all one of a kind


Title: Fi Fi Faux

Media :Stoneware

This Abstract Faux Sculptural Teapot “Fe Fi Faux” adorned with beautiful running glazes.

Abstract elements with a stunning design, a double handle and interesting detail .

This is an original work of art. Since it’s handmade, it is one of its kind. The teapot is built by the slab tecnique. The decorative elements are hand painted.

After this the glazes are applied with a brush this faux teapot is fired for a final second time.

at 1240 degrees centigrade .it is suitable to safely withstand all temperatures outside from extreme heat to freezing cold

Size :30 x 37 x12 cm



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