Ceramic Portrait Commissions from your Photographs

Quirky portraits of your family, friends and pets sculpted in beautiful handpainted ceramic by Dorienne Carmel. These unique ceramic figurines are the perfect gift for your loved ones (or yourself!) whatever the occasion.

These handmade works of mixed-media art are amazingly detailed and truly unique. Whether
you want to begin a hobby of collecting whimsical sculptures made from pieces of driftwood

and/or ceramic, or looking for that special gift for that special person, truly, look no further.
Give a loved one the Driftwood Ceramic Figures that can be hung on a wall to showcase the skill
that went into it. People will see the intricate work that went into the art piece. Display on the
wall this little trio of people and have tons of conversations of how the natural textures and
shape of the weathered woods compliment the making the of this wall décor. It’s truly
unbelievable how gorgeous these sculptures are. Artdor Gallery has several options of these
driftwood and ceramic sculptures to choose from.

If you are interested in ceramic portrait commissions or would like more information please just get in touch!

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“I love to to see how far I can push the materials… anything from a figurative piece to abstract. I like to test myself to be able to do different things not be tied down my work is very whimsical especially my figurative pieces are always able to raise a smile and that for me is a delight I also like to try out different sizes of sculptures from small to large just to test myself. I’m so lucky to have been given this wonderful gift.”

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