The website with a difference Just a few samples of What’s available

The Rockman Family – Commission from clients photo’s

Handmade Leather Jewellery

Re-claimed Cine film handmade Jewelry

Re-claimed Cine film Necklaces etc

  silkscreen original printing on Satin Whimsical & Contemporary SCULPTURES MADE FROM a variety of media’s…AND SO MUCH MORE!

Hand-crafted sculptures made from mixed media such as driftwood and ceramic is one-of-a- kind type of artwork that requires creativity and an eye for detail.

If you’re not familiar with what these sculptures look like, head to to get a better understanding of their sculptures. 

Better still, give someone the rarest gift by requesting and commissioning a sculpture, by providing them a picture of a pet, your significant other, parents or of your own family , have the picture come to life. Rather than mounting a photo of your family on a wall, have your photo come to life by having the photo sculpted in stoneware ceramic for display on a table or wall hanging your choice for many to see.

Handcrafted Ceramic Sculptures /Water Features

Add a pop of detail to your home by getting a ceramic garden plant holder, with the plants already planted! This exceptional piece could be set as center-piece, and no longer fret for choices; there are a variety of others to choose from Revive your garden by placing some of the fantasy sculptures throughout adding life, or add some stoneware sculptures throughout for a touch of a whimsical-garden feel.

Handmade Jewellery

Display eclectic artwork in the form of jewellery on your blouse or around your neck as a necklace.

The variety of options is endless and any one would be the perfect gift that no one has ever given because of its rarity and such finesse behind the craft.

Be one of a kind owning these stunning pieces of art and gift one as well, to someone you love dearly. It’ll show how much you truly researched that perfectly unique gift!

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