Ceramic Garden Feature Handmade “Boy with catapult.Frostproof

Something for everyone ceramics

If you are not familiar with my interior and ceramic garden sculptures.
Please head to http://www.artdorgallery.co.uk.- Ceramics Catagory.
I will hopefully tempt you to be a child once more with my Handmade sculptures. 

A mixture of artwork so refreshing made because of my love of handmaking artworks.
 I have including for you to see some of my comical figures in driftwood and ceramic.
So you can buy something really different.
Examples I would like to show you


Beautiful refreshing handpainted items>

#Love bird #Mugs, #Bowls, #Platters etc at an affordable price.

I have I believe something for everyone and if not let me make it especially for you.
One-of-a-kind type of artwork that requires creating an open mind and an eye for detail. 
Better still, buy someone the rarest gift by requesting and commissioning a ceramic sculpture.
A humorous quirky portrait of them or you in ceramic.

Any occasion
Best friend, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, grandparents, parents or of your own family.
Have the picture come to life. Rather than mounting a photo of your family on a wall.
Have your photo come to life by sending a photo to me Dorienne.

Ideas for you as gifts

Along with your ideas of any given subject, possibly your workplace, office, etc.?
 I will bring your vision to life by using your photo as a reference.
Display on a table or wall or both it is your choice;
Handcrafted Ceramic Sculptures / Water Features/Bronze goblins.

Add a pop of detail to your home /garden by buying a ceramic plant pots.
Handmade garden containers; so they will be unique in every sense.


The “Boy with a catapult “

An exceptional piece and could beset as centre-piece in your garden.
No longer do you have to worry I have so many choices  I can either make or show you.

If you don’t see what you are looking for?

Many not on my website.
Have me make it specially -no problem; to your budget, of course.
I will help on how to revive your garden just by placing some of my fantasy sculptures, throughout adding life.
Stoneware sculptures are frostproof and withstand all temperatures throughout the year.
Give your garden a pop of fun and colour.
Something you and others will enjoy looking at.
By adding a touch of a whimsical-garden feel can make a magical transformation.
Visit my sculpture garden by appointment.
Enjoy walking around and getting an idea of what you could do in your garden.
Consultations on request


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