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Two rabbits in the vintage teacup and saucer Paragon fine China Design Foxglove

We all love the fun side of life and exciting pieces of art. All of us have read through folklore and encountered the whimsical creatures in our stories and how they would look if they were real. We do not need to imagine any more as Artdor Gallery brings the mythical creatures alive in sculptures. You dream of the creatures and we create them for you at our gallery.

We have many options for your taste. You could go for Bronze, Ceramic, Goblin, or Hoblin, whichever you like most. We will have it ready for you in no time. There are also many high-quality bronze goblin sculptures in our gallery that have been sculpted by renowned sculptors Dorienne Carmel and Julian Jeffery. Moreover we have several other garden sculptures plus abstract jewellery in satin and leather.

to see some of my handmade scultpture commissions click here.


Or to see more commissions click here.

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