Commission Karl and Sam  Ceramic portrait from photo

Family Caricature Sculptures

Are you looking for an innovative way of artistically presenting your family?

Think Ceramic or driftwood with ceramic sculptures.

You only need email me your family photos, for a free quote and I will create a representation of the same in sculptural form.

These Caricature sculptures are great for home decoration, Special Anniversary /Wedding Bride and Groom treasure for remembering that special day , celebration or a gift to the parents. They are funny, have intricate details, and are unique. The most amazing thing is that they look like you. Think of them as a new way to celebrate your family members.

Animal sculptures

Add some fresh twist to your garden or the living room, let me sculpt an animal of your choice by adding some animal sculptures.

They can be used as centrepieces, wall hangings or even decorations peeping out of the flower bed or hedge or bushes your choice ; even at the door or your gate. They look lovely and add an innovative twist to your home

Get whimsical today

Do you remember those creatures that made you have goose bumps on your skin when you read about them? They will now be creating joy in your life. I can bring together all your imaginations and dreams and create pieces that only existed in the mythical world. You can then use the sculptures at your waterfall in the backyard, in the house as decorations, in the garden or even outside your office premises.

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